Die and Mold Industry

The GENTIGER machines with high-speed, highly rigid structures, and excellent thermal displacement suppression functions, in the processing of high-precision molds, such as optical molds, plastic molds, etc.

The surface effect is good, the precision of mold clamping is in place at one time, and the deep groove and angle can be accurately completed, reducing the timeliness of electrode processing discharge, reducing costs and improving efficiency. GENTIGER is the best choice for the mold industry.

According to the customer feedback, the machining accuracy can reach within ±0.005mm.

Plastic Mold

Work-piece:Cross type core and cavity mold
  • Material:NAK-80
  • Spindle Speed:18000 rpm
  • Recommend:GT-66V
Work-piece:Toy mold
  • Material:HSC35
  • Spindle Speed:15000 rpm
  • Recommend:GT-V72
Work-piece:Plastic mold
  • Material:SKD-11 HRC60-62
  • Spindle Speed:22000 rpm
  • Recommend:GT-66V

Work-piece:Tennis Racket Mold

Tennis Racket Mold
  • Material:S54C
  • Spindle Speed:14000 rpm
  • Recommend:GT-86V

Positioning hole within 0.01mm

Copper Parts Processing

Work-piece:Beryllium copper cutting
  • Material:Brass
  • Spindle Speed:18000 rpm
  • Recommend:GT-66V

Precision:Within 0.02mm

Work-piece:Copper pole piece
  • Material:Red Brass
  • Spindle Speed:20000 rpm
  • Recommend:GT-86V

Precision:Within 0.02mm

Mirror Cutting

Work-piece:Flat mirror cutting
  • Material:6061-T6
  • Spindle Speed:18000 rpm
  • Recommend:GT-66V


Work-piece:Slope Surface cutting
  • Material:6061-T6
  • Spindle Speed:16000 rpm
  • Recommend:GT-66VGT-86V


Work-piece:Slope mirror cutting
  • Material:6061-T6
  • Spindle Speed:18000 rpm
  • Recommend:GT-45VGT-66V

Two-way 45-degree, three-axis simultaneous machining, the surface is bright and smooth without cutting marks.