GENTIGER is established in 1995, GENTIGER has specialized in the manufacturing of High Speed, High Accuracy CNC Milling Machines.

“Perfection, Efficiency, Specialization” that is the spirit our company adheres to in all aspects of its endeavors, and over the past decade, these ideals have helped mold us to be one of the leaders in our field.


- Reflects the precision of the machine.


- Over International Inspection Standards.


- Bring customers various advantages: higher productivity and stable quality.

GT-ML800 milling and turning machine can complete compound cutting at the same time on the same machine, reducing the use of fixtures, reducing man-hours, and ensuring the accuracy of simultaneous integrated processing.

Turning reduces man-hours, and with five-axis milling, it can complete more complex workpieces...

Multi-axis CNC machining is applied to the cutting of complex and multi-faceted workpieces. It is suitable for machining precision parts or molds with various angles and negative angles, and is suitable for products in various industries.

According to the customer's needs, various simultaneous and fixed-angle processing of different swing angles is carried out...

The GENTIGER machines with high-speed, highly rigid structures, and excellent thermal displacement suppression functions, in the processing of high-precision molds, such as optical molds, plastic molds, etc.

The surface effect is good, the precision of mold clamping is in place at one time, and the deep groove and angle can be accurately completed...

GENTIGER machines have been widely used in the aerospace industry.

It is used for airbus wing structures, processing composite materials (such as carbon fiber ailerons), engine casings, stainless steel, and titanium alloy heat-resistant parts...

GENTIGER machines has a solid contribution in the automotive field.

It is used in the processing of large-scale automobile bumper molds, water tank cover molds, automobile instrument molds, automobile development inspection tools and fixtures, headlight module outer cover molds, etc., with a wide range of processing applications...