GENTIGER machines has a solid contribution in the automotive field.

It is used in the processing of large-scale automobile bumper molds, water tank cover molds, automobile instrument molds, automobile development inspection tools and fixtures, headlight module outer cover molds, etc., with a wide range of processing applications.

GENTIGER machines are used in the processing of automobile molds. The curved surface is smooth and the surface gloss is good. It reduces the man-hours of secondary processing, reduces the use of fixtures, improves production efficiency, and reduces cost expenditures. GENTIGER high-speed machining center is the best choice for the automotive mold industry.


Various types of automobile and motorcycle parts, perfect surface processing quality, high positioning accuracy, and dynamic accuracy, excellent machine rigidity, suitable for high-rigidity processing and precision boring processing, the accuracy is within 0.01mm.

Work-piece: Swinging Arm
Work-piece: Caliper
  • Material:6061-T6
  • Spindle Speed:9000 rpm
  • Recommend:GT-1160MS
Work-piece: Adaptor
  • Material:6061-T6
  • Spindle Speed:10000 rpm
  • Recommend:GT-1160MS
Work-piece: Cover
  • Material:NAK80
  • Spindle Speed:8000 rpm
  • Recommend:GT-1160MS


Work-piece:Engine mold
  • Material:NAK-80
  • Spindle Speed:9000rpm
  • Recommend:GT-66V
Work-piece:Radiator Grill
  • Material:STAVAX ESR HRC50-52
  • Spindle Speed:20000rpm
  • Recommend:GT-1612VGT-H2517F
Work-piece:Tire mold
  • Material:NAK-80
  • Spindle Speed:14000rpm
  • Recommend:GT-86V